Head Wrap: Beautiful African Side Bow Tutorial

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Beka Ura African Head Wrap Side Bow Tutorial

Its a beautiful thing to wear wonderful head wrap material, but whats even better is having creative ways to wear it. Here I show you in this headrwap tutorial wearing our stunning zanjoo.com Beka Ura head wrap how to tie a delightful side bow headband style. This is perfect for when you still want to show some hair and try something fun and cute. Fast and simple, let me know how you get on. These headwraps are available from zanjoo.com.

Summer Ready: Gunu Princess Shirt & Shorts

Gunu Princess Shirt & Shorts

Be different this summer with this awesome Gunu Princess Shirt & Shorts  outfit, new to the Zanjoo collection. Bold blues and yellows add the wow factor to the norm. So many ways to wear this suit. Why not keep the shirt open and rock your bandu, team with heels for a dressy yet casual look or beautiful flip flops for summer fun. HOw would you wear the  Gunu Princess Shirt & Shorts  outfit?

Hey Baby Doll! Zanjoo Shemesh Skater Dress

This striking Zanjoo Shemesh (sun) skater dress with a flared skater skirt will enhance curves, this mini is cheeky and subdued at the same time. Featuring zip up back, ruffled sleeves and beautiful geometric patterns in various hues is perfect for seasonal parties, dress up or down. (belt not included)  Add your fave chunky accessories and belt to adapt the style to suit the event. 


The roads are your catwalk, own it!

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