Zanjoo At Sista Hub Social Media Expo

Sista Hub was an event for social media.

Hosted by the fabulous Natural hair daily ladies Elle & Neecie, the event connect bloggers, young business up starts looking for advice and tips for getting their online branding and strategy game on lock. There was plenty of action, demonstrations, workshops and a feast of products from moringa leaves, healthy natural hair kits to African inspired shoes, clothing and accessories. I would recommend it to anyone looking to network, especially if you are new to setting up your business and need direction and to interact and network with like minded others.

Also if you were just looking to go along for a family day out and shop lots of awesome African inspired products and food.  Zanjoo hope to see more soon, video of the sista hub to follow, be sure to subscribe to our zanjoo youtube for the latest events, lookbooks and tutorials.

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Black, Blonde & Cropped…Dare You??

Monday, July 7, 2014 0 Permalink 010

We all know black chicks can rock many looks, so would you dare to be honey or platinum blonde this summer? If you were thinking of something fierce and edgy would you dare to rock this light hue and crop your hair? Why not do an Eva the diva and rock the look with some super hot hoop earrings.

Stand out from the crowd gurl!


Friday, May 16, 2014 0 Permalink 010

Be bold with your natural afro hair and incorporate some 2014 seasonal colour trends. Hair colour is just as fab as a new wardrobe, so get experimenting. Of course always be super careful with colour, especially if using peroxide guuurl! Always do a strand test before fully committing. top Tip: Always keep coloured hair super conditioned and be careful with reds on light coloured fabric ;]


redupdo fireenginered-crop CopperAfro