Chit Chat: Back with A New Chapter

Monday, March 27, 2017 0 No tags Permalink 1

Heeeey guys, wow its been a hot minute since I filmed a vlog, check out whats been happening and why i took some time out from the vlogging world. But its back to business baybeeee lol 😂😂😘


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Head Wrap: Beautiful African Side Bow Tutorial

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 0 , Permalink 010

Beka Ura African Head Wrap Side Bow Tutorial

Its a beautiful thing to wear wonderful head wrap material, but whats even better is having creative ways to wear it. Here I show you in this headrwap tutorial wearing our stunning Beka Ura head wrap how to tie a delightful side bow headband style. This is perfect for when you still want to show some hair and try something fun and cute. Fast and simple, let me know how you get on. These headwraps are available from

African Fashion Week (AFWL 2015) Video

African Fashion Week (AFWL 2015) Video

So as promised from  our trip to AFWL, we are always excited about the latest trends on the catwalk, but something I find equally exciting is to connect with you, the attendees to see just how you guys werk your African fabrics and accessories bold and proud. Check it out, enjoy and be blessed- Raapa Heiko