Style on dread lock

Saturday, March 4, 2017 0 Permalink 010

I couldnt help but to admire the beauty of these stunning dread lock sistas captured in this digital black artwork. The artist is scribed in the pic but i cant make it out, anyhow be a master piece ladies 😍😊 #zanjoo, enjoy & share 



Zanjoo At African Fashion Week London

Zanjoo At African Fashion Week London

Zanjoo attended this years African Fashion Week London at Olympia. It was a packed 2 days with so much visual eye candy to make a lover of African wax print explode with joy!! There were a number of catwalk shows, stall holders selling jewleary, bags, shoes, clothing and more. It was an excellent opportunity to network and a huge shout out to the amazingly fashionable crowd for dressing in there African print best, most of whom could easily have strutted down the catwalk without a blink form the crowd. check out the highlights. Zanjoo will have an African fashion week special video out soon, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more.

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