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Have you ever looked at a bed spread, wall feature, colourful rugs etc for inspiration for how you get dressed?? well thats exactly the challenge I recently had for a special feature on the beautiful interior design blog interiorsbyjacquin . Please check out the full article here and see how I styled my outfit to match a stunning African inspired setting.

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Zanjoo is so happy to have shared its very first fashion show of our beautiful collection at AFRICAN CULTURAL NIGHT at Hatfield University. It was a night to bring celebration to the many Africans showcasing our wonderful heritage and culture with the world (or Hatfield at least lol)


We showed off our stunning maxi summer dresses, head wraps and more. Was a lil nervous speaking on stage but the crowd was so warming and wanted to know how to get their hands on our off the rack collection. Enjoy the pics
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AFRICOMEU Celebrating Culture in Diversity

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“Celebrating Culture in Diversity” at the AFRICOMEU event in hertfordshire was a fab day out for all the family. The African presence has made a big splash in Hertfordshire and what better way to integrate and celebrate than to show off some of the wonderful and colourful things of our African culture. there was live music, dancing, food (mmmm food) and of course was there with our collection showing how to wear African fashion off the rack and into your everyday wardrobe.

Even the mayor had to drop by and elected officials to welcome in and celebrate the day. Enjoy the pics

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Head Wrap: Beautiful African Side Bow Tutorial

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Beka Ura African Head Wrap Side Bow Tutorial

Its a beautiful thing to wear wonderful head wrap material, but whats even better is having creative ways to wear it. Here I show you in this headrwap tutorial wearing our stunning Beka Ura head wrap how to tie a delightful side bow headband style. This is perfect for when you still want to show some hair and try something fun and cute. Fast and simple, let me know how you get on. These headwraps are available from