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We are happy to let you know, we have 3 new head wrap styles arrived in store. These are limited edition ankara fabrics, so when they are gone they are goooone!! The new styles are called Zaymeko,  Tuti Heiko and Esiyami Head Wrap Materials.


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Head Wrap: Beautiful African Side Bow Tutorial

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Beka Ura African Head Wrap Side Bow Tutorial

Its a beautiful thing to wear wonderful head wrap material, but whats even better is having creative ways to wear it. Here I show you in this headrwap tutorial wearing our stunning Beka Ura head wrap how to tie a delightful side bow headband style. This is perfect for when you still want to show some hair and try something fun and cute. Fast and simple, let me know how you get on. These headwraps are available from

Funi Koli Head Wrap Material Arrives At Zanjoo

Beautiful head wear for you to rock this summer. The Funi Koli Head Wrap Material Arrives At Zanjoo. The stunning print with fun decorative afro comb and swirls will liven your summer attire. Here is my suggestion with how to wear this delightful wrap with your evening attire ladies, block colours will keep all eyes on your crown using the same colour palette as the funi koli scarf.

How would you wear The Funi Koli Head Wrap Material?
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zanjoo Funi Koli Head wrap Material




Beautiful Turban knot Headwrap Tutorial

Fast and easy this Zanjoo: Turban knot Headwrap Tutorial will have you looking fashionably fab in no time at all with little effort but plenty of flair! We are using this beautiful purple Da Vida, material available to purchase on Enjoy


The roads are your catwalk,  own it!

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